Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kids say the darnest things....

Cody has been doing something to get our attention where he will dramatically ask,"what's that noise?" It usually gets us to pause and listen to see what he is hearing. Normally, it is the dog barking or Abby crying, etc.
This morning, Cody came downstairs and climbed up into bed with us as usual. He did his shocked question of "what's that noise?" I listened carefully and then said that it was just the fan. He responded, "oh, the fan."
He waited a minute or two then, he said it again...."what's that noise?" I asked him what noise he heard. He said, "the bed!" Sarcastically, I asked him, "well what sound does the bed make?" To our surprise, he jumped up and down and said, "boom, boom, boom, bang, bang, bang...." (*blushing*) What!? We started laughing so hard....he is such a funny (and observant) little kid. Clay asked me if that story was making the blog....I debated about it, but thought sure, why not? Other people may not find it as funny as we did, but it's one for the books. : )

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

And the wii-nner is....

I love my job! Especially when we get to make kids really happy. This week, we got to do a "prize patrol" and give away a new Nintendo Wii to a little girl who won the "Bring a Friend" contest at church. She had brought her friend so she could enter the contest, really hoping she would win a Wii - she had been wanting one for so long.

We had a huge bunch of balloons and wrapped the Wii up nice and pretty. We gathered as many of our Kidscoast Staff together as we could find and headed to her house. (Side note: We were all wearing our Kidscoast Worship Team t-shirts from earlier that day.) As she opened the door, she had a huge smile and looked genuinely excited to see all of us. We asked her if she knew why we were at her house and she said, "I made the worship team?!" (I guess because we all had worship team t-shirts on?) How cute! She was that excited to think that she had made the worship team! For a quick moment we thought, "Sure kid. That's made the worship, no Wii here." But we gave her the gift anyway.

Her mom was there with camera in hand hoping to catch a picture of Hannah's expression when she finally realizes what was in the wrapped box. She peeled away the wrapping so gently and then a long pause...."a Wii!!!!"

Hannah was so excited. We actually had to remind her how she had won it. She was so anxious to get it inside and get it hooked up. Her Daddy was going to be coming home the next day (he's in the military) and we just had to help her get it all hooked up to surprise him too.

Hannah said that day tied as the very best day ever (right up there with her first day of school). It's not everyday that we get to do really fun stuff like this, but man, we had a blast! Wheeee! : )

Child Baptism & Family Celebration

This past Sunday, we had a Child Baptism & Family Celebration. It was amazing watching the 9 kids give their testimony and "get dunked" with all of their friends, family and Kidscoast leaders supporting them. Here are a few pictures from the event. Many of them were baptized by their parents....sweet! Afterward, we had a big party to celebrate!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Grandma & Great-Grandma's Visit

I love spending time with my family - I wish they lived closer. Here are a few pictures from my mom and grandma's visit. My grandma wouldn't smile for the camera much though. This first one is one of my favorites....she is beautiful!

Here is a rare picture of the three of us just goofing off. This is so out of character for my Grandma, but I'm glad she played along. It is scary to see how much we look alike....but the main thing to notice is that I am actually taller than someone else! Woo hoo...score one for me!!!! : )

On Thursday, we went downtown and went to the Market. Here is a picture of us on the steps of the old market building.

Great Grandma got to spend so much time with Abby & Cody - mainly feeding Abby, playing ball with Cody and just entertaining them in the car. Here is one picture of the kids fast asleep - she is holding Cody's head up for him and you can see Abby is asleep too in the mirror.

Abby's fever & rash came back full-force and her little body was covered with red sores. The doctor said it was probably a virus and not her immunization that caused it. Either way, she was miserable and it broke my heart that she was so unhappy while they were here. She was still cute though....not sure how she makes red sores look cute, but she does.

Cody got his first real football from Grandma and Great Grandma. He was so proud of it that he has been carrying it around and even sleeping with it. We got the green & white one of course in support of the Thundering Herd - Go Herd! Make sure to watch the video clip of Cody saying "We are...Marshall!"

Abby was trying out all kinds of new sounds this week. At one point we were encouraging her to say "Hi Grandma!" and she actually did! I wish I had it on camera...I could be $10,000 richer right now. I can tell that she had a great bond with her Great Grandma...then again, who wouldn't?

Here are a few shots of us at Breach Inlet between Sullivan's Island and Isle of Palms. I love this view of the ocean. In this picture is our family (I have to get a group photo when I can) and the other is of 4 generations in one picture. Ahhh!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Week in Review

This week, Cody started using "big boy pants". We got him an assortment of Cars and Thomas the Train underwear to use. He wanted to try them all on and then realized that he likes diapers better. We made him wear the underwear all day and he did pretty well. He had a few accidents and one pair was banished to the trashcan for good - no rescuing that one, no matter how much you try to "Shout it out". : )

Abby is having a reaction to her MMR immunization from a week ago. She has a red rash all over her arms and legs. She is otherwise doing ok....she just looks like a speckled hen!

We had dinner with the fam tonight at Benitos. Heath and Willow were visiting and we went for a walk around the Towne Centre after dinner. Here are some pictures of the kids in the tree and us at the fountain for some family photos. Willow said that we should all get in the tree at the same time and take our picture and we could call it "our family tree" - cute! I think Clay & Cody had fun with the fountain photo the best though! : )

Friday, August 8, 2008

Congrats to Pastor Scott!

Jason Surratt & Scott Kinney (my boss) were ordained as Pastors at the First Wednesday service at Seacoast Church. Everybody was pumped up and excited for them. Here are some pictures from the night. It was a rare occasion that most of the Kidscoast Staff were able to go to First Wednesday - we are normally in the classrooms and miss out on all the fun. So, thank you to all the volunteers who stepped up and served this week so we could support our new Pastors.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy Birthday Daddy "Poppy"! I just realized that I don't have any older pictures from when I was little....guess I'll have to keep looking. Well, here are a few pics from over the last 5 years. These are from of my favorite moments with you - sightseeing in downtown Charleston, giving me away at my wedding, becoming a Poppy to Cody, and your surprise visit when Abby was born...and lots more. Thank you for coming down to visit us so often. It means so much to me. I hope that you have a great day and I'll give you a call later. I love you!!!!