Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Four Eyes!

Over these past few months I have been having headaches and noticing that my eyes were straining when looking at the computer or driving, especially at night. I knew that it was time to get my eyes checked. So Clay went with me to LensCrafters at the mall to get an eye exam.  It seems that I am far-sighted and have a astigmatism. So, I got to pick out a pair of glasses!  

I ended up getting a really cute pair after trying on a bunch of other ones.  Here are some that didn't make the cut....that last picture is of me in my new glasses!

Don't they look good?  I even feel smarter!

Monday, September 21, 2009

1st Time at the NC State Fairgrounds

 The kids were both sick last week, so by the time the weekend came we were ready to get out of the house...and boy, did we ever!

We went to a fairly new playground near our house and Abby brought along her purse.  She loves taking it with her wherever she goes. She packs it full of random things and frequently unpacks and re-stuffs the items back in the purse. Here is one picture of her applying her chapstick.

Our next stop was the Farmer's Market. We ate at the restaurant and had a great lunch. The restaurant has a "petting zoo" attached.  Here are the kids playing with all the animals (and SpiderMan). You'll notice that these animals are a little different that your regular farm animals....they are all cement statues!

Sunday, we decided to take a trip to the Fairgorunds.  They had a ton of activities happening and I think we caught them all, except the "Pagan Pride Day". We just couldn't find the time to squeeze in a pagan ritual before naptime....maybe next year.   But we did get to do several other things.  We started off looking through the flea market and ended up going to the Greek Festival. After eating our authentic Greek food and watching the Greek dancers, they called all kids to come up and do a fun Greek dance on stage.  Abby wanted nothing to do with it, but Cody went with Clay up to the stage. As the music started, Cody chickened out and wanted to leave. At least I got a picture of him attempting to participate.

Next stop, was the Flydog Competition.  These dogs would jump over 4 hurdles, then step on a box that released a tennis ball.  They would grab the ball, then take off back over the hurdles and run back to the start, where 3 other dogs would consecutively take their turns.  At the end of each heat (no pun intended), the dog team that ran the course the fastest won.

Later, we went to the Antique Gun Show.  On our way there, we went past the Turkey Shoot Booth and I got a picture of this sign.  You don't see stuff like this anywhere but the State Fair Grounds in North Carolina!

All in all, we had a great (and tiring) weekend. I wonder what we'll have planned for next weekend?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

FHS Reunion Weekend - Dinner @ Savannah's

FHS Reunion Weekend - Football Game

I had the privilege to attend my 15-Year High School Reunion a couple of weeks ago. On Friday night, we went to the FHS football game. Abby stayed home with the grandmas, while Cody came along with us to his very first football game.

It was super exciting for me. I don't remember the last football game I went to & it was nice to be back at my alma mater.

As we did 15 years ago, the majorettes led the way out onto the field as the band played the Fairland school song. Nothing has changed. Same routine, same uniforms, same director. It was a little surreal to an out-of-body experience.

On our way into the stadium, Cody received a free football jersey.  Not just any was a Fairland football jersey! He was so excited....he was yelling "football!  football! yeah, football!" He wanted to go down to the sidelines and watch the players. He didn't understand why he couldn't have the ball though and was getting frustrated. Daddy made sure to give him lots of candy, so that made things seem much better. He devoured a couple of Nerds ropes and some soda pop. He was a VERY happy boy.

My cousin Taylor was cheering....I can't believe she is old enough to be on the Varsity squad! She is growing up into the most beautiful young lady.  Cody took her some roses and gave her a hug.

 I watched the half-time show and reminisced about my years in band as a majorette. Oh, those were the days. Several of my friends were there at the game too....I got to meet their kids and spouses, many for the first time. We stayed until the end of the 3rd quarter so Cody could go to bed at a reasonable time. All in all, Cody had the BEST first football game of his life and I had a great start to my reunion weekend.

After the game, we went to a bonfire.  I played "corn hole" for the first time. It is sort of like horseshoes and beanbag toss combined. I was horrible. I only played one game and I actually won, due to the fact that Neil Johnson was my partner and he did an amazing job. So, as he put it....I am officially "undefeated" in the game of corn hole!

Monday, September 14, 2009

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What have I been doing? I've been traveling and working hard to find a job here in Raleigh. But don't fret.....I'll be posting again more frequently. Just keep checking in.

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