Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Resolutions

Stuckey Family Resolutions for 2009: (in no particular order)
  • We will smile, play, laugh, and love more in 2009
  • We will plan a family vacation (or two...or three)
  • Cody will be potty-trained!
  • Abby will start speaking real words
  • Abby will start potty-training (wow!)
  • Clay & Terri are going to lose weight (yeah I know, its on everyone's list!)
  • We will get outside and start moving more (walking, playing, swimming, etc.)
  • Terri will call her family in Ohio more often
  • Clay & Terri will plan more date nights
  • We will give more of our time, money, resources to help others
  • We will spend more quality time with our children
  • Terri will start dancing again
  • Clay will spend more time playing music
  • Terri hopes to read at least one book (that's not a Children's book)
  • Clay & Terri will work on more wood projects together
  • We will do better at keeping the house and cars cleaned & organized
  • We will start eating healthier and set better examples for our kids
  • We will do our part to reduce, reuse & recycle
  • We will enjoy life as much as possible
  • We will thank God for giving us such a wonderful life!

Monday, December 29, 2008

2008 Stuckey Family Year in Review

There is never a dull moment in our house! So much has happened this year and the kids are growing up before our eyes. Friends & family have come and gone, leaving so many fun memories to cherish. There was so much to look back, here are just a few pics from each month in 2008:
  • January - celebrated Cody's 2nd birthday all in red
  • February - Valentines Day with our little sweethearts!
  • March - finally took some time to plan date nights
  • April - Easter
  • May - Abby roots Cody on as he is potty-training
  • June - family trip out to the Isle of Palms
  • July - swimming with Grandad and cousins Heath & Willow
  • August - Great Grandma MaryLou comes to visit the kids
  • September - Uncle Bill visits the kids
  • October - Halloween means time to dress up and have some fun!
  • November - Thanksgiving at Mama Sue's house
  • December - Christmas day celebrations with the Stuckey family

2008 Year in Review

Caution: Pseudo-foul language (if that's what you call it)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

2008 Pop Song Mash-Up

Here is a mash-up of the top 25 Pop songs of 2008...beautifully done!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Visit to the Impound Lot

We went to the impound lot to see Clay's are some pics. There were ants all in the car and lots of mud and debris. There were two junkyard dogs who came by to see what we were doing - got one to stand still for a quick photo. I also found a cool window sticker in the car next to Clay's - it said "Jesus is my homeboy!" I was surprised that all of his things were still in the car - including a brand new radio and some Christmas presents. I hope we never have to go back there again!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

We are so thankful that we were able to celebrate this Christmas together. After Clay's accident the other night, we have just been praising God that he wasn't hurt. He does have some aches and pains, but nothing too major.

After we opened a few presents, we headed to Deck & Shannon's house. Deck had cooked a pig and made BBQ...yum! He also made a turkey and Shannon cooked up some amazing sides and desserts. I'm getting fatter just thinking about it.

The kids had a great time with their cousins, Heath & Willow. Uncle Bill was there too.....and boy did he give some funny, yet practical gifts. There is a picture below!

Sue, Lee & Martha Ann were there to love on the kids. It was so much fun. I hope we can go back and do it again sometime. I wish my family lived closer so I could see them, but I talked to them on the phone for a bit today and I know that they wish they could be here too. Clay & I are so blessed to have such a great family who loves us so much! Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Seacoast had several services this evening. Pastor Jim & Pastor Scott did a great job in the family services, reading the Christmas Story of Jesus' birth. Lauren Hiltibidal was Mary and Dan Chritton was Joseph - they both did such a great job acting out the narration...they even had a live baby! I had the honor of playing the angel who announced the birth. My lines to the shepherds were: "Fear not! For behold I bring you good tidings of great joy - which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day, in the city of David - a Savior, which is Christ the Lord. And this shall be a sign unto you, you will find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger."
The kids' choir sang along with Tara Banks and the band....they were great! I hope someone got pictures of it, becuase I sure didn't. Hopefully some will surface and I can post them.

The kids were super cute tonight at church. Cody didn't want to wear his tie. He called it an "airplane" and kept throwing it in the air. Abby was cute too, but ended up very fussy because she was so worn out. Tell me about it... I feel the same way!

Oh, we also got Cody's hair cut this morning...just a trim, but I'm glad to get it out of his eyes!


Tuesday night, I was at church practicing for Christmas Eve services. Lee came in looking for me...he told me that Clay had been in an accident. He was hit on his way to pick up the kids from daycare. My heart stopped for a minute as I was trying to wrap my brain around everything.

I haven't seen the car yet, but from what Clay says, the car is most likely totaled. He was hit almost head on and his car ran out into the marsh. We went by there this morning to look at the crash site and it amazed me to see the distance that his car went after being hit. Fortunately he was wearing his seat belt and the airbags deployed. He said he was going to write a note to Ford thanking them for building such a good car that kept him safe during the accident.

Clay only has a few aches and pains, but nothing serious. The other driver is ok too, only hurt his hand. Its things like this that reminds you how precious life is and how it can totally change in a blink of an eye. We are thanking God for protecting him in this accident and that the kids were not with him when it happened.

I hope to add more pictures soon as we get them.


Monday, we stopped by a nativity scene and visited the live animals - camels, donkey, goats... We also saw some of the shepherds riding their skate boards around while they poked each other with their staffs - I thought it was pretty funny. We didn't stick around too long due to the really low temps. We did manage to get our picture in Bethlehem before leaving.

Later that night, we opened the first presents for Abby & Cody - Christmas outfits! Then, we strung lots & lots of Cheerios...Cody enjoyed it and Abby just ate them. She still walks up and eats them right off the tree (like its a snack on a string). So cute!


Well, we got to perform the "Sheep Skit" one last time this past weekend at church. Clay stopped by and played with some of our props...thus, the dog head picture. After church, we went out to Sullivan's Island and had lunch. While we were there, we stopped by the fire station to look at their holiday decorations. Cody had fun looking at everything, but was disappointed that Baby Jesus wasn't in the manger.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Meeting Glenn Beck

Last night, I got to meet Glenn Beck at a book signing in West Ashley. Pulling into the parking lot, I saw the beautiful Christmas Sweater tour bus parked in front of Books-A-Million. People were posing and taking pictures with it as if it were a monument in Europe. (Confession: I had someone take my picture with it too on my way out.)

As I entered the store, I was handed a number and instructions to read over while I took my place in line. The lines were about as long as the voting lines we stood in on election day. The man behind me was turning around or covering up magazines that had any pictures or articles of Barak Obama. (That just makes Conservatives look like sore losers!) The girl in front of me told me that she had sat on the front row of Glenn Beck's last show and some of his spit landed on her cheek...she was so excited about that. I wanted to tell her that I sat on the front row at the HD theater showing of Beck '08 and had a sore neck for a week....but that didn't really sound very exciting, so I kept it to myself.

I watched the line snake through aisle after aisle, taking note of all the odd people who came out to see Glenn. They were mostly older, white, and either wearing a Christmas Sweater or some sort of political statement t-shirt. There were a few weird folks in the crowd - you know, the American Idol reject-types. Good thing I wasn't one of the weird ones!

Despite the long line, it was moving rather quickly. The instructions said he would not be doing customized signings and no pictures could be taken, except for the designated "picture taking zone". As I turned a corner, I got my first glance at Glenn! He was wearing blue jeans and a black shirt that had an AC/DC logo on it. As I looked closer, it actually said AD/HD (how clever!). The girl in front of me kept saying "He's sooooo cute!" I noticed he had security with him, along with his "Team Beck" crew and his wife Tanya.

Although the line was moving quickly, he took time to make eye contact with each person and thank them for coming. A few older ladies were able to sneak in a hug and any guys wearing military or police uniforms were given a sincere "thank you" from Glenn. He even gave a little girl a sticker that said "Junior Patriots Club". He seemed like he genuinely appreciated each person being there.

The Books-A-Million staffers kept telling folks to move along and keep back. I wish I had thought about asking for a hug, but my mind was spinning as I was trying to think about what I was going to say to him since we were limited on our time with him. I thought I'd say something witty like, "You're Tanya's husband, right?" or wait until he shook my hand and say "I've never washed this hand before!" But no, I didn't say either of those things nor did I ask for a hug.

So, it was finally my turn to see him. It was similar to the scene in A Christmas Story when Ralphie was getting ready to tell Santa what he wanted and then blew it. I walked up, handed him my book and stuck my hand out to shake his. As he finished signing, he stopped, grabbed my hand with both of his, looked me straight in the eyes, leaned in and said "hello". (What I was thinking at that moment: "Hello? What do you say when someone says hello? What language is that?" What do I say? Ahhhh!") I froze up. All I could say was, "Your my biggest fan!" (doh!) He laughed and said, "Yes, I'm your biggest fan. Thanks for coming." I rushed off red in the face.

I did manage to hang out for a while and get in the "picture taking area" with the other fans (aka stalkers). He answered a few questions from the crowd and thanked everyone again for coming out. He said he hoped to see all of us at the show on Wednesday and then he left the building. I did manage to get a photo with him before leaving the store....OK, it wasn't really him, but it was better than anything else.