Friday, March 27, 2009

I promise I'm still alive!

Thanks for checking in.....I'm hoping to get some posts up soon.
When you're busy doing life, its hard to blog about it!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spring forward and step back in time....

Here is a reminder to turn your clocks ahead an hour tonight, or turn them back (whatever works for you)... or some of you may have left your clocks unchanged from last fall and now they will actually be back on the correct time, so leave it be.... or maybe you live in Indiana where they don't participate in Daylight Saving Time like the rest of the country (what's up with that?)....anyway, tonight's the night to do something with the clocks and inevitably feel weird for the next few days as we all adjust to the sleep deprived drivers on the road cutting us off as they rush to Starbucks for their Venti non-fat no whip Mocha.

Well, since we are talking about "time", here is a fun (fake) video about a glimpse into the history of video rental. Enjoy!

Historic ‘Blockbuster’ Store Offers Glimpse Of How Movies Were Rented In The Past

Friday, March 6, 2009

10 Things You Can Do When the Lights Are Out

Personal Disclaimer: I do not believe in Global Warming as a threat to our survival; I am not a liberal; nor am I a hippy freak; but I am a THINKER and I believe that awareness is a first step to finding a solution for real change. Together, we can do something bigger than we can do alone. Join me on March 28th at 8:30pm (wherever you may be) to turn off the lights for 1 hour in order to reflect on making a conscious effort to minimize the global impact of the wasteful usage of our world's energy.

10 Things You Can Do When the Lights Are Out

On March 28, 2009 at 8:30 pm, tens of millions of people around the world will turn out their lights for one hour — Earth Hour — to demonstrate concern for our living planet and send a loud message to our leaders that they support action on climate change. Here are a few ideas for things to do in the dark…by yourself or with others:

1. Enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner with someone special using organic or sustainably grown food items.

2. Invite friends and family over for a “lights-out” party and serve green-themed snacks and drinks—green tea or apple martinis anyone?

3. Turn off the lights and power down the computer and cell phone. Use the quiet time to take a break from a “plugged-in” world by meditating or resting.

4. Take a bubble bath by candlelight.

5. Use the hour for practical tasks that you never seem to have time for. Test essential items in your emergency preparedness kit like flashlights, radios, and cell phones. Change out all your light bulbs to energy-efficient CFLs. Change the batteries in your smoke detectors. Think about how you would evacuate your house in an emergency in the dark.

6. Read a book set in an era without electricity. Marvel that the Romans conquered much of the world without a single cell phone and that Shakespeare wrote masterpieces without a laptop or the Internet.

7. Turn off the computer and write a letter by candlelight the old-fashioned way using pen and paper.

8. Invite friends over to play charades or Scrabble by candlelight.

9. View the night sky via telescope--the reduced “light pollution” may make some stars more visible.

10. Take photos of how you spent Earth Hour and upload them to the Earth Hour pages on Facebook, Myspace and YouTube. Keep it clean please!

The Thorn is coming! (April 1 - 11)

I haven't been very active with the blog lately because I've been super busy with The Thorn. I expect that the next few weeks will be increasingly crazy around home & work, so pray for all of as we get through this next month. By the way, if you haven't bought your tickets yet, go online now and do so! Do yo want to see the trailer? I thought so! Check it out:

Sunday, March 1, 2009

March Mania - Week 1 "Wacky Tacky"

March Mania has officially kicked off in Kidscoast! Here are some pictures from the first weekend. The theme was "Wacky Tacky" - the kids dressed in all sorts of wild outfits. One kid even had underwear on his head....unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of that one! Next week is "Top Job" - what do I want to be when I grow up? Hmmmm....

Pizza Time!